Jims Galley

Jims Galley

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Set it and Forget it--Smoked Chicken!

This recipe is so simple it is ridiculous. You do need an electric smoker. This one I just bought for only 70 some bucks. I had seen this smoker a lot around the docks, several of the captains swore by them, I tasted some of there smoker pork and it was very good.

So, after I seasoned this little smoker, I decided to try a split chicken with some Cherry and Hickory wood. The only seasoning on the Chicken was a little apple wood rub and garlic. That was about it.

Now, all I did was put the chickens on the top layer, put in a few chunks of wood, and four hours later. WOW! Some of the best-smoked Chicken I have ever had. You can do everything with this smoker, fish, poultry, pork, rounds, and of course RIBS!!!

The Smoker is a Brinkman and it is only 70 bucks or so. It is a VERY safe smoker and works VERY well. One thing I did was to purchase for 14 dollars a metal drip pan for a water heater, and set the grill inside of that. That way my wood deck is totally protected, and even if an ash could get out of the smoker, it would go into the pan. Probably not necessary but for 14 bucks, sure makes me feel better!

I read a lot of reviews about this smoker before I got it today, and most all of the reviews were very positive. This thing is just too simple. Anyone can be a great smoker with this tool!!

Fall is a BIG time for smoking meats here at JBO Central. With the holidays, I always am smoking Turkey’s, Chickens, and of course Rockfish.

Try this little smoker out. It also doubles as a grill very easy. Very handy thing, for example if you wanted to do grilled wings, this would be a easy way to grill them up with little clean up effort.

Happy Smokin!!
Jim Baugh

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