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Jims Galley

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pool Drinks! Get me to the Keys Please!

It is time to head to the Keys! Boy I wish I was there now! Here is JB’s top five pool drink recipes. Try these sometime soon and you will thank me!

Here are some of our favorite Pool Drinks that old JB loves to mix up pool side. From simple, to having to use a gas powered blender. Here is our top five favorites.

Rum and Tonic

This is a cocktail I first had while I was entertaining doing close up magic shows in Atlantic City many years ago. Pretty simple recipe that was given to me by dear friend Rick Lake (RIP). My x wife never forgave Rick for showing me this cocktail. I have enjoyed it a lot over the years. Still do

  • Rum in a tall glass with Ice.
  • Diet tonic water with a slice of fresh lime.
This is about the only thing old JB drinks when it is cocktail hour. Good Rum to use is Mount Gay and any other medium dark Rum. Save the spiced Rum for the Coke. Spiced Rum and tonic does not taste to good at all. This is also about the lowest calorie cocktail you can have. This is what keeps my Brad Pitt Abbs. LOL


Here is a goodie!

  • Diet Cranberry juice
  • Vodka
  • Club Soda and a straw.

In a tall glass add Vodka with a lot of ice. Three ounces of juice, then splash with Club Soda. Ladies love this one.

Barbados meets Cancun

For this one, you will need a blender with a lot of ice and good horsepower

  • Three shots of Mount Gay Rum
  • Two shots of Two Fingers Tequila
  • One shot Grand Marnier
  • Three teaspoons line juice concentrate
  • One teaspoon sugar
  • Juice of Three limes

Mix all ingredients into a blender, blend until well mixed then serve in a double insulated glass over crushed ice. Very good.

Grand Sangria

  • Six cups red wine
  • One cup of Ginger Ale
  • Two ounces of Grand Marnier
  • Cut fruit, oranges, lemons and limes
Mix ingredients in a glass tea container and add sliced fruit last. Serve in chilled wine glasses.


Uncle Toms’ Purple Passion (Awesome)

Yes, this was also known as “The Recipe”. This one got pretty famous and is a great pool drink. You will need

  • Bottle of ginger ale
  • One bottle of grape juice
  • One bottle of orange juice
  • Six ounces of Pineapple juice
  • One fifth of Gin or grape Vodka
  • Juice of five lemons

Mix all in a one gallon container and chill in fridge for three hours. Keep on ice and serve chilled in a tall glass. Best pool drink ever!

NOTE: All these cocktails are best served in a double insulated TALL plastic glass. They are not cheap, around $15 bucks for one Glass, but they are guaranteed for life. I buy them at BB & Beyond. They cheaper ones just don't last and these are dishwasher safe. They are made by Turvis. "Turvis Tumbler"

These are top five fav’s and all go great with just about any pool side BBQ. Try one! Or two!
Have fun!

Jim Baugh

PS: Alcohol and certain pool toys don't mix very well, be careful. Don't drink and drive, use in moderation.

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