Jims Galley

Jims Galley

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Apple Pie Moonshine Beer Butt Chicken. How can I leave this…. behind!

Apple Pie Moonshine Beer Butt Chicken. How can I leave this…. behind!

With fall approaching it is time to head to the mountains and hook up with Uncle Bill to co-op on some wonderful smoked recipes. Today it is one of my all time fav’s, Beer Butt Chicken…. With a twist. I guarantee if you try this, it will be the best chicken you will ever have.

First up you will need some good Caribbean jerk spice, apple pie moonshine, your favorite beer, fresh rosemary, hickory and apple wood chunks and a good smoker. (plus chicken stands). Most hardware stores like Lowes will sell a good assortment of BBQ items, that is where I found my beer chicken stands and they only cost a few bucks. You can also make your own if you like. If you don’t have any apple pie moonshine (mine is from Franklin County courtesy brother Bill) you can use some fresh apples and cider.

Now this is a SIMPLE recipe!!! It is so good it is almost not fair to even call it chicken!

First up get a couple of chickens and rub them down with some olive oil then a generous amount of jerk spice and set aside.

Take two beer cans and remove the top portion with a knife and be careful not to cut yourself. Pour half of can of beer in as well as a third apple pie moonshine. Put a teaspoon or two of jerk seasoning into the mix along with fresh rosemary. I will also sometimes put in fresh garlic cloves and whole peppercorns. Touch of apple cider vinegar is also a good idea.

Next place can into chicken cavity and place on smoker. Load up the smoker with damp wood and let her rip for maybe 2  1\2 hours or until internal temp is 165 degrees.

That is about it!!! To serve make up some wild rice and I always make up a brown mushroom and onion gravy to go along with it, FANTASTIC!!!

This is a great fall dish and one your family and friends will certainly enjoy. Without a doubt it is the best I have ever had.

Try it!!

God Bless

Jim Baugh
Author of HOOKED

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