Jims Galley

Jims Galley

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Quack Quack!!! Duck Egg Sandwich....the real Dynasty!!

Duckage Breakfast Sandwich

This one is a great breakfast dish that will keep you going all day! Absolutely delicious. 

You will need:

*One Duck Egg
*One Whole Wheat English Muffin
*Fresh Basil
*Fresh country sausage
*Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese
*Horseradish and Mayo sauce.
*One pad butter
*Sea Salt, Pepper and garlic powder
My Duck eggs that I got from a local farmer.

First up brown up your English muffin texas toast style. Place a little pad of butter on each half of the muffin and sprinkle a little pepper, garlic powder and sea salt on the muffin. Then place in well oiled and medium heat cast iron skillet. Brown muffin then flip and cook an additional two minutes. Flip back over and place thinly sliced cheese on the muffin then set aside.

Add horseradish sauce to muffin top
Next cook your sausage patty in the skillet, brown very well, drain and set on top of muffin half.

Mostly drain your pan and while still hot add on Duck egg. Cook over easy then place on top of sausage.

Complete by adding some basil and horseradish sauce to the top of muffin half.

DELICIOUS!!!!! Below are some great facts about fresh Duck eggs, cant beat um!! (Actually you can, use a fork).

Duck Egg

* Duck eggs have twice the nutritional value of a chicken egg and stay fresher longer due to their thicker shell.

* Duck eggs are richer with more Albumen making cakes and pastries fluffier and richer.

* Duck Eggs have more Omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 is thought to improve everything from Brain health to healthy skin and

* Duck Eggs are an Alkaline producing food, one of the few foods that leave your body more alkaline which is a great benefit to cancer patients as cancer cells do not thrive in an alkaline environment. Chicken eggs are an acid food leaving your body more acidic.

Duck Eggs Vs Chicken Eggs: Nutrition:

6x the Vitamin D, 2x the Vitamin A, and 2x the cholesterol in duck eggs vs chicken eggs. Duck contains about 75% of the Vitamin E in chicken eggs. Duck eggs reportedly also have more Vitamin K2, Duck eggs also are higher in calories for the same weight quantity, probably due to it's slightly higher fat concentration. Also, keep in mind that the eggs of free-range, pastured animals generally have higher levels of vitamins and higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids. The yolks are darker, yellower, indicating a higher nutrient density.

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