Jims Galley

Jims Galley

Friday, July 6, 2012

Tuna with Backfin Avocado Relish

Tuna with avocado backfin relish on a bed of beefsteak tomatoes.

It is that time of year! I wait all year for the fresh game fish to be cruising just of our Virginia waters and fortunately at the same time, it is beefsteak tomato season. Here is a great dish that is simple to prepare and your guest will love it!!


Backfin crabmeat
Spring onion
Tuna or Swordfish
Fresh beefsteak tomatoes
Fresh chives and basil
Olive oil
Your favorite blackening seasoning
White rice
Fresh Garlic
One lemon and lime

For the relish, in a bowl mix backfin crabmeat with fresh cut diced beefsteak tomatoes and add sea salt and pepper to taste. Cut fresh avocado and drench with fresh lemon juice.
Add fresh basil and cut chives, minced spring onion and squeeze one lime into the bowl.
Mix together lightly and chill

Grill the Tuna steaks with your favorite blackening seasoning and set aside on warm.

To serve, plate up a white plate with two slices of beefsteak tomatoes dashed with basil and chives and a little olive oil. Then scoop some white rice on the side then lay the grilled steak on top of the rice. Top of with grilled Tuna, garnish with lemon and lime.

Excellent summer dish!!!! Enjoy!

Jim Baugh
Author of “HOOKED

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