Jims Galley

Jims Galley

Monday, July 4, 2016

Holiday Smoked BBQ Rib Recipe Revealed from Jim's BBQ (JBBQ)


When I had my own BBQ smoke house for two years, we often times would have customers reserve their rack of ribs throughout the evening and usually sold out nightly, they were that popular. Here is the recipe and it is a gooden!

JBBQ Sauce: Four cups apple cider vinegar, one cup ketchup, teaspoon of garlic powder, crushed red pepper, black pepper and course salt mix and set aside.

Spray Bottle: Regular clean spray bottle fill with vinegar, and four tablespoons Texas Pete and a dash of Worcestershire sauce.

Wood: Mostly cherry with a mix of apple and hickory.

Rub: Use your favorite. There are so many varieties people have there own taste. Mine is a mix of Caribbean jerk seasoning, garlic powder, pepper, chili powder and sea salt, this is my favorite and how I prepared it at JBBQ.

1) Marinade spare ribs by spraying them with the vinegar spray bottle and lightly rub the meat both sides with your rub. (take off back membrane of course) Add one cup of JBBQ Sauce Set in covered pan and place in fridge for 24 hours.

2) Prepare smoker with the mix of woods and also use regular charcoal, get temperature to 225-250 and use a water smoker if you can or on a large grill a pale of seasoned water with herbs and vinegar.

3) Smoking \ on smoker total six hours \ in this order

I also roast one boston butt while smoking ribs
and use the drippings to coat the ribs while smoking
A. Put ribs on and smoke for two hours, flip and smoke for an additional two hours.

B. Take off ribs and place down in aluminum foil, add more rub sparingly and also spray with vinegar solution. Add one cup of brown sugar and rub on both sides of the ribs. Cover in foil tightly and put back on smoker for 2 hours.

C. Open up foil so the ribs are exposed, finish off with your favorite sauce. I usually will just use the homemade JBBQ sauce listed above, or sometimes use a thicker sweeter Kansas city sauce. Usually will do a mix if cooking for company. Let smoke an additional 60 to 90 minutes. Spray with vinegar solution, always keep ribs moist.

D. Hold the finished ribs in a large pan covered tightly with foil in the oven at 200 degrees until ready to serve.

Best ribs you will ever have and easy to do.