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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Baugh's Baguette's

(Made with Jim's own Wild Chesapeake Bay Starter by the Sea!)
Baguette, French loaf, Italian, which ever you prefer, here is my full proof recipe for Baugh’s Baguette’s that will sure make a dinner party something to remember. This recipe will give you the rise, color, crisp crust and flavor that you will want.

This a great recipe that is fun to make and actually uses four different types of flour. The combination of flour makes for a delicious nutritious bread with lots of rise and a nice slightly chewy moist texture. The perfect, "OMG-That's Awesome Bread!!!!". You will hear that a lot if you try making this.

This recipe will make three bagguette's and one loaf, 4 total
Here are the things you will need.
*Stand Mixer
*Baguette cooking loaf tray (Williams Sonoma-Chicago Metalic)
*Mixing bowl (Large)
*Starter, wild sourdough proofed (I also use KAF)
*A spray bottle full of spring water

For the mix.
*Two-cup white whole wheat Flour- King Arthur (K.A.F.) (most grocery stores)
*Two-cups bread flour- K.A.F. (most grocery stores)
*Two-cup Sir Lancelot High Gluten K.A.F (available online)
*One-cup AP (used in sourdough proof)
*One-cup Fiji water (or your fav filtered water. I LOVE Fiji)
*Two teaspoons sea salt
*Three tbls good olive oil
*Two teaspoons of instant yeast
*One egg for wash
*Poolish (it will be around two+ cups with around 100% hydration)
To Start- Day 1
First, get your wild starter out of the fridge and proof it by taking one cup of starter and add one-cup flour and 1 cup of water mix and set aside. You can let it sit overnight if you like. Mine usually sets for about four hours and it is bubbly and ready to go. (Poolish)

Mix your Flours in a mixer bowl and mix with one cup of warm water and stir until everything is mixed, maybe just a couple minutes.. Be sure to add your poolish as well. After mixing, take off the mixer and set aside for 45-60 minutes to rest. This is the Autolyse step. (Lots of folks let rest for 30 min. I get better results with a longer rest)
*****See note at bottom of page about extending Autolyse for better flavor!!!!!

After Autolyse, put back on mixer and start mixing on low. Do this knead for about 10 minutes, while adding your olive oil, sugar and instant yeast. Continue to mix until the consistency is that not quite of a ball, but close. You do want to be able to pour the dough out of the bowl. This final knead in the mixer is when you add your salt to the dough.
A) I use the instant yeast to give the dough a good kick, helps to fluff up the sourdough. Not necessary, but works good.
B) Usually I will add about a cup more flour during the final mix to get the consistancy of the dough where I want it. Dont over work the dough, it should be a fairly wet dough. This dough should be somewhere arond 75%, hydration or a little  higher. The longer the Autolyse the easier it is to work with wet \ slack dough.
Next, pour onto a floured work surface and hand knead \ Fold. This dough is really one that needs folding. No slamming down on the counter, throwing in the air. Simple folds working the dough gently. Knead for about five minutes or so. It may be a bit sticky because it is a wet dough, just use some bench flour. Then set in a large greased bowl (just a little olive oil) and let rise 3+ hours.

After the rise, work back on to a floured surface Kneading \ folding the dough for a few minutes then cut in four balls. Simply shape by hand and gently stretch the dough to proper length, about two inchs shy of each end of the Baguette tray.

Place each long loaf into the Baguette loaf pan with a sprinkling of flour on top. Spray top of loaf with some water from a spray bottle. Set aside in warm place and let rise for another hour and a half. You can use the warm oven trick to speed up the rise if you would like. Sometimes I do depending on my room temp.

Prep the oven and dough

After this final proof, pre heat your oven to 475 and place a water tray in the bottom of your oven. Don’t miss this step! This water tray is what will help crisp your bread and give it a nice color.  While the oven is heating,--

1) then egg wash the top of the loaves,
2) then dust lightly with flour, 
3) then either add sesame seeds on top, or not
4) then spray lightly with the spring water
5) lastly, score them with a Lame, (Score just before going in oven)

NOTE on scoring:
You can use a razor blade attached to a wood coffee stir. I use a razor blade carpenters tool that is a VERY long blade making it easier to score. This helps a lot. I also run some cold water on the blade and try to make quick movements. I am not master at scoring at all, but it works. I usually work with multi grain sourdough, at 75% hydration, scoring is not always easy.Also, score at an angle, not straight down into your dough.

MOST IMPORTANT-Don't score your bread until seconds before you put it in the oven.

Score-Multigrain Baguette, Flour used-Whole Wheat, White Whole Wheat, High Gluten, Bread, and AP

Put the dough in 500-degree oven for two minutes then cut oven temp back to 425. Bake for 25-30 minutes. The water should be boiling in the bottom of the oven when you put in the bread.

Spray the bread during cooking, every 10 min. (Or two or three times during baking--Note, the more the oven door is open, the more heat is let out. Try to do two quick sprays of water and dont do the first one until after 10 min. of baking)

Once done, Thump the bread, if it sounds hollow, it is done.

Starting off with a hotter oven AND scoring the bread will help the rise a LOT! Don't forget it!

*****Be careful when opening the oven with a steam bath, you can burn yourself really bad!! Use oven mittens and stand back to let the steam escape before you go to spray the bread with water. I also drape a cloth over my arm to protect from the steam. I learned this the hard way.

ALWAYS cool the bread on a wire bread rack uncovered for 1\2 hour. Then store or serve.
Cool on racks for at least 30 min before serving or storage.
I usually will let set for 45-50 min.

Day 3--ENJOY!!!
I highly suggest to try a meatball sub using this bread. Also use a round small cast iron skillet to make round Italian bread for sandwiches, just awesome. Nothing impresses company more than a couple of large Baguette's sitting on the dinner table on wire racks with a red checkered cloth draped around the base. Some red wine, and you are well on your way for one awesome dinner party! Enjoy!

* Sometimes I will add honey into the flour mix and adds a nice flavor and a touch of sweetness. Also you can use all white flour if you like. Adding the whole wheat is better nutrition and flavor, in my opinion.

* You can simply put your dough ready to bake on a cooking pan with some cornmeal and bake. If you do get the Baguette cooking trays, you will like them a lot. They help form the bread however help in the cooking as well. The trays have holes throughout the pan allowing moisture from the water pan to really help crisp the bottom and sides of the loaf. They also make a nice slightly perforated pattern on the bottom of the bread. Real nice! (We got ours at Williams-Sonoma)

* Always have everything at room temp, even the yeast and eggs for the wash. I will usually even heat my mixer bowl by running hot water in it then wiping it out before I start mixing. The sponge should be at room temp as well, of course. Pre heat your oven just for a few minutes to knock off the chill, then use your oven to rise the dough. There will be no drafts and a good warm place to let the yeast do it's work.

* EXTENDED AUTOLYSE. For better structure and a lot better flavor in your bread, try an extended Autolyse and a longer overnight cool rise. This will also make the wet dough easier to work with. The developed Gluten strands help the structure and flavor a lot. Here is what you do.
A) Make your poolish from your mother jar and set in a large bowl.
B) Add the flour to the bowl and mix just a minute. You want it to be a very wet batter, so you may need to add 1\2 cup of water or so.
C) Once the quick mix is done, set aside for four hours.
D) Then put back on the mixer and add salt, yeast, sugar and mix only for about five minutes. Once done, roll out and knead on the counter. Just a few folds should be necessary.
E) Put the dough in a large bowl and put in fridge overnight. (let rise at least an hour first)
F) In the morning, take out the dough, get to room temp., fold the dough on counter few times.
G) Then, shape the loafs as you would like, using whatever pans you would like.
H) Now, let rest for another 90min.

Follow the rest of the recipe- score, egg wash, dusting flour, seeds, bake in spiked oven for two minutes, then bring temp back down to 425.

Extended Autolyse is something I do if I have time the afternoon or evening the night before prior to baking. Works great and does make a difference. The flavor is quite unreal.

Here are a couple of pics of an extended Autolyse. Wild Sourdough whole wheat Baguette:
Four hour Autolyse
Ovenight rise
Warm rise next day another four hours
Formed loafs, raised another 2 hours.
Then baked.

Some of the best tasting ones I have made yet!

Multigrain Baguette-Whole Wheat Flour, White Wheat Flour, Sir Lancealot, Bread and AP

Garlic Bread Version of Baugh Baguette's
Here is our Baugh Baguette recipe for Garlic bread! Very good and easy. Same recipe as above however do the following.
* Set aside three tbls of dried roasted garlic and hydrate with a little water for 10 minutes then drain. Next add some olive oil to keep the garlic moist.
* During your last fold on the final proof, insert garlic slices in the middle of the bread. Also add a little garlic powder and parsley flakes throughout the center.
*Fold the dough over to complete the Baguette.
*Let rise again for 1 1\2 hour then bake.

I like to top the Garlic bread with Poppy and toasted Sesame Seeds. This makes for a fantastic Baguette that goes wonderful with any Italian dish.

Baugh Garlic Baguette. You can see the roasted garlic in the center of Baguette.
Jim Baugh
Try a sandwich with one of these and you will never go back!

Monday, October 25, 2010

JB's Creole Corn with Husk


This is one great way to do corn and it is a pretty simple recipe. First clean your corn and leave the husk on.

Next, take a brush and coat the ear of corn with some Cajun Creole butter sauce. Wrap the husk back around the corn and tie off the end with some butcher twine.

Cook the corn in a cast iron skillet with a can of beer which will add moisture and keep the corn from burning. You can also add more Creole sauce to the cornhusk while cooking.

After the husk brown up nicely, serve them up!! It will not last long. When I make this corn, there is never leftovers.

Here is what I like to fix up with the corn!

Chicken, sausage and ribs. These Chickens were beer butt chickens that really turned out great!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Set it and Forget it--Smoked Chicken!

This recipe is so simple it is ridiculous. You do need an electric smoker. This one I just bought for only 70 some bucks. I had seen this smoker a lot around the docks, several of the captains swore by them, I tasted some of there smoker pork and it was very good.

So, after I seasoned this little smoker, I decided to try a split chicken with some Cherry and Hickory wood. The only seasoning on the Chicken was a little apple wood rub and garlic. That was about it.

Now, all I did was put the chickens on the top layer, put in a few chunks of wood, and four hours later. WOW! Some of the best-smoked Chicken I have ever had. You can do everything with this smoker, fish, poultry, pork, rounds, and of course RIBS!!!

The Smoker is a Brinkman and it is only 70 bucks or so. It is a VERY safe smoker and works VERY well. One thing I did was to purchase for 14 dollars a metal drip pan for a water heater, and set the grill inside of that. That way my wood deck is totally protected, and even if an ash could get out of the smoker, it would go into the pan. Probably not necessary but for 14 bucks, sure makes me feel better!

I read a lot of reviews about this smoker before I got it today, and most all of the reviews were very positive. This thing is just too simple. Anyone can be a great smoker with this tool!!

Fall is a BIG time for smoking meats here at JBO Central. With the holidays, I always am smoking Turkey’s, Chickens, and of course Rockfish.

Try this little smoker out. It also doubles as a grill very easy. Very handy thing, for example if you wanted to do grilled wings, this would be a easy way to grill them up with little clean up effort.

Happy Smokin!!
Jim Baugh

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wahoo--It's whats for dinner!

There are many species of fish that are among my favorites for the Galley. Right up on the top of the list is Wahoo! Yes, I even like it better, much better than Tuna. For those of you that have never tried fresh Hoo, the next time you are at the fish market ask for it. You will have more luck around the Outer Banks than around my home state. Once in a blue moon I can find it here, usually we will just try to catch some and boy is THAT exciting!

This is an easy dish to prepare. First up I made a sour dough dinner loaf by using one cup of my starter and proofed it over night. The next day added one cup of whole wheat and three cups of KAF bread flour. One-teaspoon olive oil and one teaspoon of sea salt also went into the mix. I used another cup to thicken up the dough at the end of the knead.

I let the bread rise only for about four hours then punched it down and then let it rise in the bread pans. Baked the two loafs at 400 for around 40 min, they really came out nice. One of the better loafs of bread I have made and went very good with the grilled Hoo and salad. To tell the truth, I got lucky with my starter, it really makes for some AWESOME baking. Hopefully I can keep this sucker alive forever, pass down to my grandchildren.

Marinating the fish is easy, I just used some melted garlic butter with a little Cajun seasoning, sea salt, and fresh cracked pepper. Also baste the fish with a little white wine and butter mix while grilling. I also grilled the fish off with some chives from my herb garden.

Served the dish up with a side of salad, slice of fresh sour dough multigrain bread and several glasses of wine.

Awesome dinner.
Try It!!
Jim Baugh

Sunday, October 17, 2010

JB's Calamari with Sour Dough Multigrain Chibatta Bread

Ok folks, yes, this is one of my all time favorites, and will be yours to if you give this recipe a try. If you are looking for a “Date Night” dish, this is it!

First, buy some good Calamari from a Japanese market. You are looking for fresh frozen, cleaned medium sized squid. To thaw, just place them in some cold water for a few minutes, and they will soon break apart. Clean the squid by removing the head and tentacles from inside.

Cut the squid into rings and re rinse after you cut up all the rings. Place in a pan and pat dry. Sprinkle with your favorite Cajun spice lightly, then add House Autry Seafood Breader mix to the squid rings along with some cornmeal. Mix everything together and put in the fridge until you are almost ready to serve. Remember, YOU ARE ONLY GOING TO COOK THE SQUID FOR LIKE A MIN!!!! Do NOT pre cook the squid and then wait for everything else to be ready.

Sour Dough Multigrain Ciabatta Bread.

2 cup King Arthur Bread Flour
1 Cup Sir Lancelot High Gluten Flour
1-Cup King Arthur Whole Wheat Flour
1.5-Cup Sour Dough Start
1 pac instant yeast
Teaspoon of salt (add last after kneading)
1-cup warm spring water

Stir in mixer for only a few minutes, then let stand in covered bowl for 18 hours. After 18 hours, place some cellophane on a wetted granite surface so the cellophane clings to the surface.

Next, put some bench flour on the cellophane and put the dough on and work in some flour to thicken just a LITTLE. This is a wet batter.

The dough will need to rise again for two hours. Use a salt and peppershaker to make a tent with a flour towel. Let rise.

After last rise, move the dough to a cornmealed pizza stone by simply rolling it off onto the stone. This is very easy to maneuver using the cellophane.

Once on the stone, sprinkle a little flour on top, then bake at 425 for 35 minutes. Then remove from oven and cover.

Slice into thin slices and top with fresh Romano, par., and fresh Motz. Cheese as well as fresh cracked pepper and parsley. Toast at 400 for about 10 minutes.

Marinara Sauce
This is real easy, I just buy it, warm it up on the stove, and top with Parm. Cheese.

To serve, fry in a cast iron skillet for about two minutes, drain and serve on this platter!
If you don’t have a squid platter, get one soon, your company will LOVE IT!!

Wanna know where I got my Squid serving dish????? I bought it off the wall at Carrabbas restaurant. A few years ago I was on a date at Carrabbas and noticed this totally awesome plate hanging on the wall. I called the manager \ owner over to our table and ask him if it was for sale. He said not really, the plate was $200 serving dish imported from Italy. I told the fellow it was not doing anyone any good sitting on the wall, and ask if he would take $50 Bucks for it. He said make it $100 and promise you will come back to dinner again. I looked at my date and said, “Dahlin, If you pay $50 bucks, I will kick in $50 bucks, and we will buy this darn squid plate”!! She agreed. So after we got it off the wall I told her that if we did not continue to date, I get to keep the dish. She said, “Looks like I got the better part of the deal”. Well, all I can say is about a week later, I did get to keep the squid plate, and here is a great pic of it!

Enjoy, Calamari is just fantastic.
That is about it, except for the 20 hour rise for the bread dough, it really is easy, easy dish and just wonderful.
Try It!!

Jim Baugh

Friday, October 15, 2010

Jims Seafood Skillet l!

You will need:

Fresh Flounder
Fresh Lemons
Fresh Large Shrimp
Fresh Large Scallops
Homemade Chicken or Turkey stock or both
Wild Rice
Fresh Herbs, Garlic, Bay, Chives, Parsley, Rosemary
Cajun kickin Seasoning-Your fav.
White wine.
Honey Butter (home made)

First, you will need the smaller individual cast iron skillet. I bought mine at Wall Mart. Cook your rice 3\4 the way using stock instead of water. I have used lobster and crab stock and that is good as well.

Then, using a small cup, round off the cup with rice and place in the middle of each skillet. Next, place a thick Flounder filet on top of the Flounder. Then surround the pile of fish with scallops and shrimp.

Season with your herbs and very light on the Cajun seasoning, just a little for a kick. Add your honey butter pats around the skillet as well as your garlic. You can pre roast your garlic, I have done this and adds a nice flavor.

Lastly, pour 1 cup of wine into the skillet, then cook the skillet in the oven for about 30 minutes at 350. Then broil off the last two minutes.

Easy seafood platter, fast to do, and really, really good!
Jim Baugh