Jims Galley

Jims Galley

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lobster birthday dinner for two recipe.

As recipe’s go I don’t think this one could be any more simple. We love Lobster however it is not something we can afford to do on a regular basis. Lobster is not native to our area so there is no going down to the docks and buying them off the boats.

A lot of people here in the Mid-Atlantic will put different spices in the boil and that is what I was going to do with this dish. Before cooking for Donnas’ birthday I called a friend of mine who lives in Maine and ask him what do the locals do up there. He said simply steam or boil in water with sea salt. That is it. If cooking potatoes, place them in first because they will take longer to cook. For these size Lobsters I only needed to steam them for around 25 minutes.

One thing that I did do was to add one cup of white wine into the sea salt and water mix. The Lobsters went in first, then during the last eight minutes of cooking I added the clams, shrimp, and corn.

This was served up with a garlic butter and white wine reduction.

The best advice I can give for cooking Lobster is do not mess it up by adding a ton of spices like Old Bay. The meat is so good, it really does not need anything else. Other tips, buy hard shell Lobsters you will find they have more meat in them. Some say the soft shell is sweeter meat but my friends of Maine say no, go for the hard shell.

You can put what you like in the boil, our fav was simply Lobster with 50 clams, corn and shrimp. Whatever you like and can get fresh. If I had a crayfish supplier I would throw them in the mix as well.

Purchasing Lobsters may be your biggest challenge. They are pricey and for good reason. I was still a member of a restaurant supply company from back when I had my BBQ smoke house, I got these crustations from them at wholesale. If you shop the discount clubs you probably can find a deal on some frozen tails.

Lastly one of the great things about cooking this boil is the leftover stock. Use it for making seafood soups and you will thank me!!

Chow, and happy birthday Donna!

Jim Baugh