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Friday, November 28, 2014

Easy weight loss with King Kale Super Food Super Sex Shake. Lose weight fast and have a great time while juicing your way to thinness.

Ok, for all you folks that would like to drop a few pounds the easy way I have a solution. This is not a diet I read about or saw on tv, it simply is the easiest way I have ever lost weight and came by this health plan mostly by accident and some trial and error. The thing is this works so good and it is so easy no one really believes me when I tell them how good this works.

If you want to know how effective this meal plan is here is the deal. I went from a size 48 to a 40 in a little over two months. (over 20 pounds). I have not stopped either, this meal plan is so nutritious, delicious, easy and cheap, I really don’t crave anything else.

Besides being an incredibly healthy meal plan that will reduce high blood pressure, lessen your chance of diabetes and arthritis, there is another side benefit that may surprise you. My King Kale Super Food shake is basically natures Viagra. No kidding.

The BIGGEST problem with this replacement meal plan that I cannot fix is this. The ingredients sound AWFUL!!! No one will believe that this super food shake actually taste good. Actually, it taste great and I look forward to them everyday.

All you have to do is do two of these blended shakes a day and have a regular meal for dinner, preferably one high in amino acids (lean steak, chicken, or fish) and low in carbs.

This diet consist of three main things.

1)      Jim’s King Kale Super Food Super Sex Shake two times a day.
2)      Counting calories
3)      Exercise

A couple of months ago my wife Donna (who really does not need to loose any weight) and I did some canned replacement meal drinks. They were ok and I had used them before once in a while. Donna then got the same thing but in powder form and blended them in the blender and the taste was much better. She then suggested maybe to put some spinach in and blend that in as well.

BARF BARF BARF! No thanks. I thought I would skip that. However a few days later on a whim I tried it. Loaded up the blender with a handful of spinach and even threw in a half of a banana and a quarter of an avocado. Blended away and it tasted just great. For an additional flavor profile I then would add some dry roasted peanuts, only about 10.

Now we are kicking!!! This thing taste great and after a couple of weeks, the pounds start shedding off.

Well, my beautiful wife is at the store and in an effort to save money, she notices that the big bag of Kale is almost twice the volume as the bag of spinach and cost half as much. Hmmmmm. Twice as much product, at half the cost? So she mentions to me about replacing the spinach in our super shake with Kale.

BARF BARF BARF BARF!!! I HATE Kale!!! It is the WORST most nasty crap you could ever put in your mouth and there is not a snow birds chance in hell I am going to put that green nasty leafy garbage in my Super Shake!! NO FREAKIN WAY!!

Of course I am saying this realizing that in my 53 years of life, I had never ONCE ever eaten or even tried Kale. I truly had no idea what it tasted like, but I did NOT want to find out.

Ok, about a week passes and I am at the store. There is that big bag of Kale sitting next to the spinach and my curiosity starts to get the better of me. So along with my bag of spinach I pick up a bag of Kale and head home to try one for lunch.

I load up the blender with my King Kale Super Shake ingredients stuffing as much Kale as I could into the blender.

BRRRRRRRRR BRRRRRR BRRRRRR It is ready! I take a sip of what I thought I would throw out and to my surprise the darn thing tasted fantastic. The best way to describe it is it is sort of like a chocolate mint milk shake. It is green, a little nutty flavor from the peanuts and just a wonderfully rich flavorful delicious shake. It was so good, I skipped dinner and had another one.

Now the next morning I hurry down to the kitchen because I really like theses things and I whip up another tasty Super Shake. Once I sit down and start savoring my liquid Kale something starts to happen. I start to feel like I am 17 years old and popped five Viagra. Someone hand me a baseball bat and put this thing out of it's misery! What da hell!

This is all true and immediately again my curiosity got the best of me. I start researching Kale and come to find it is a Super Food and it is one of the BEST foods you could ever eat for your sex life. I won’t get into all that with this post but you’re free to look to up online.

So the Kale, spinach combination along with the banana, nuts, and avocado really is a magic combination. I have never felt this good in my life and one thing is for sure, NEVER have I consumed so many leafy vegetables.

The old saying eat your vegetables and leave the table a little hungry is a good motto, The King Kale shake is probably the easiest way to get a ton of great vegetables into our diet without the bother of even cooking them!

Counting calories is easy with this meal plan because the calories for your two meals a day are set. Depending on what type of protein powder you use the large shake will range between 225 to 300 calories.

Exercise is key as we all know not just for dieting but for overall health. Here is what some people don’t realize. Exercise subtracts your calorie intake for the day. If you have 2000 calories in a day and you burned 1000 calories biking for a couple of hours, your back down to 1000 calories for the day. The math is pretty simple, just google the calorie burn for the exercise that you like to do and factor that into our calorie count for the day. Its simple!!

Calorie counts for people will vary. Find out your metab rate and how many calories you need to maintain your current weight. Then simply don’t consume that many calories. Cutting the count in half is not that hard to do especially if you are exercising.

So, if you want to loose weight and have the effect of popping Viagra make this shake and have it twice a day. Here is what you will need, all cheap and available at any store.

*Protein Powder: Usually available in Chocolate of Vanilla. Use one that has between 15 and 25 grams of protein per serving. (use one serving)

*8 Almonds

*8 Dry roasted unsalted peanuts

*3 Handfuls of Kale

*1 Handful of spinach

*1 half banana

*1 quarter avocado

*1 cup of one percent milk

*5 or so ice cubes

*Fresh Mint (optional)

Blend it up!! Pour in a tall glass.

That’s it! Delicious, very nutritious, great side benefits and the pounds will melt off.

Compare Labels

Just get over the idea that raw liquid Kale cant taste very good. It does!!!

Lastly “KING KALE” is the name my wife gave me as a nickname. I have an apron from the King Arthur Flour Company and now she calls me King Kale.

Other benefits, I don’t waste time cooking veggies for dinner, after about 10 cups of kale and spinach (mix) I get more veggies than I need in a day. This makes cooking dinner a snap. Also, you still get to eat what you want for dinner. If you stay with less carbs it will help in the weight loss. When we make pasta we always use whole wheat and when I make bread I use a multigrain flour that I mix up.

Well, if you want to drop some pounds and have a lot of fun while doing it, this is the diet for you!!

Works for me!



Sunday, November 2, 2014

BBQ-Jim’s reveals his secret and all time best pulled pork recipe from Jim’s Bar B Q (JBBQ) Restaurant

Q with a, "Happy Ending"

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Jim and Donna meet for the first time at JBBQ
Victorian Station Sept. 2012
I had a unique opportunity for a period of two years to partner with two of my close friends and start a smoke house BBQ restaurant featuring my own recipes located at Victorian Station in Phoebus Virginia. The venue was nicknamed “The Big Pink” because the old Victorian building was painted the color of pepto bizmol. My partners gave me free reign to do the menu how I wanted and featured many dishes we had cooked on Jim Baugh Outdoors TV. The JBBQ story with all of its uproarious humor is chronicled in my new book “AFTERMATH” and I am posting the number one recipe here in Jim’s Galley.
JBBQ smoker, wood deliver, and pitshack in the back

To me, any BBQ smoke house has to cut its teeth on pulled pork. In other words, the pulled pork has to be the center of the menu and done to perfection. If a BBQ joint does not have at least decent Q, then the rest of the menu will probably suffer. My thought at JBBQ was two things, have the best pulled pork that could be found anywhere, and serve ribs that people would stand in line for. We accomplished our goal on both points.

To be fair, there are a lot of different variations in Q. Some like it smothered in brown sauce, others like it not even smoked, and some like huge chunks of fat and gristle in their Q. None of these things are a part of JBBQ. I designed the best recipe and sold it regardless of what people told me they liked. Our customers LOVED JBBQ and many North Carolina fans of the NC Hickory Q would come to our restaurant and fall in love with our recipe. There just is nothing else that has the complexity and layered flavors that JBBQ has.
The band Rickey Shack at JBBQ enjoying dinner

Where did the recipe come from? I have been asked that a lot over the years. It is an original recipe that covers a lot of different cooking techniques from all over the world. From California, to North Carolina and even Jamaica. (Notice we skip Memphis and Kansas City.) If you’re a fan of heavy brown thick sauce mixed with non smoked Q, then don’t waste your time with this recipe. Go dine at McDonalds and have their McRib sandwich.

I must give credit to Captain Earl Williams who also owned and ran a great BBQ restaurant in Roanoke Virginia. Captain Earl and I have together been working on the perfect Q recipe for over 30 years. While my recipe is still quite different that his, I did use one key ingredient and technique for cooking Q.—THE PAN TRICK!
JBBQ at Jim's Bar B Q at "The Big Pink"

The good news is you can make this Q right at home, you do NOT need anything commercial and you can use the most basic of smokers or grills. The size of the grill is only determined by how much Q you want to make at one time. This is really an EASY recipe however does take three times the amount of time as regular Q and there are some MUST have ingredients that you cannot substitute.
The other thing about this recipe is the finished product is extremely flexible in other dishes. At my restaurant we added an entire Tex Mex menu of burritos, massive nachos, soft tacos, all made with this pulled pork recipe. This Q as in most, does freeze very well and is inexpensive to make.
Karen Benson to the left, Chris Jacobson to the right and
 center my daughter Casey, my JBBQ partners.

Here we go! First you need to know that if you want your JBBQ pulled pork dinner for Saturday night, you will need to start prepping it on Wednesday.

JBBQ Victorian Station Live music Wed-Saturday. Pictured here Phoebus Reo.
Special concert, congas and fiddle by Chris Jacobson and Pyrate Pete.
Always great entertainment at JBBQ Victorian Station Phoebus VA

How to make JBBQ at Home


JBBQ uses very LITTLE sauce, but it is homemade and is a necessary ingredient. For the sauce here is what you do.

1 Gallon of apple cider vinegar. Put it in a large pot on the stove and crank it to medium and add:

8 cups ketchup
3 tbsp coarse black pepper
4 tbsp sea salt
2 tbsp Worchester sauce
3 tbsp cayenne pepper
2 tbsp white pepper
3 cups crushed red pepper flake
2 tbsp white sugar

Heat until all ingredients are dissolved then put in container in the fridge.

Making JBBQ at home-EASY!!

Here are the things you will need to make JBBQ.

JBBQ Sauce
1 Boston Butt
McCormick Caribbean Jerk Seasoning
Thick sliced bacon
Black pepper
Sea Salt
Apple cider vinegar
Thick Bacon slices (4)
Lots of apples (15)
Cherry wood
Hickory Wood
Apple Wood
Aluminum large basting pan
Electric oven
Time, as in a lot of it.

First! Marinade the Butt for two days
Take your Boston Butt and wash clean. Place in the basting pan then take about one cup of JBBQ sauce and coat the meat. You should do this first before adding the jerk and pepper.Next, coat liberally the jerk seasoning all over the roast. The jerk is one of those must have ingredients, if you cant get it in a store it is available online along with all other ingredients including the wood blocks or chips.
Lastly coat meat with some coarse black pepper and sea salt.  Set the roast in the refrigerator and let sit for two days until your ready to start cooking the butt Friday night.

FIRST STAGE of the three stage cooking process.
This is what it looks like after baking all night before going to smoker

Friday night slice your apples and place them in the roasting pan around the butt.
Bake uncovered at 225 and let it roast overnight. This may surprise a lot of BBQ chefs, but yes, the first stage is to cook the butt in the oven. The reason is this tenderizes the meat and makes it porous enabling the smoke to better penetrate the meat in less time. This is a very controlled way determining the amount of smoke flavor.


The next morning put the butt on your smoker without the pan. Add four slices of bacon to the top of the roast. You want to have a fire around 200-230 degrees. Be sure to wet your wood and have on standby ready to add when needed. The mix of wood is key, you want a mix of 50% cherry, 25% apple and 25% hickory. Cherry is the dominant flavor that helps set the flavor profile apart from most other Q. The blend of the cherry wood flavor in pork is about the best there is. Do not use too much hickory, because as good as it is, the flavor is strong and can overpower the other fruit woods. By tampering down the percentage of hickory, the end product has a layered flavor profile where you can really savor the different woods.
Going on smoker after all night roast

Once your smoker is smoking good with the wood, put the butt on the smoker out of the pan for at least an hour. Why? What this does is cook the bottom of the butt (fat side down) with a nice char. This will be used as a part of the burnt ends for beans and also chopped to go into the finished Q.

While the roast is on the smoker, take your pan and drain off all the drippings from cooking the previous night into a bowl and place in the fridge. Shortly the fat and proteins will separate when chilled. Then with a spoon skim off the fat and place in another bowl. Keep the remaining protein juice and use to go back on the smoker to occasionally baste the roast. The lard you will use to go into the cornbread.

After an hour to two hours of smoking, take the roast off the smoker and place back into the pan with all the apples. Then place back on the smoker. Yes, the apples are in the pan smoking along with the boston butt. The apples are there for two reasons, to add flavor and also to be used in the smoked apple casserole that will be served with dinner.
Add more apples to pan during smoking. 

Keep a heavy smoke on the grill for four to six hours, making sure the smoker does not go over 230. To high a heat will cause the meat to toughen.

THIRD STAGE- “Cleaning” and finishing in Sham or Crock Pot.

Take the butt off the smoker and then your ready for the last stage. Most homes are not gong to have a sham, so use a crock pot. BUT set it on low and keep aluminum foil over the pot with a lid on top of that. You do not want any moisture burning out of the Q.

JBBQ is not really pulled or chopped Q. I call it “Cleaned” The meat is so tender and juicy is simply falls off the bone. At this point simply take a fork and break apart the meat. If there is any fat it will just fall off. DON’T USE IT. Meat Only!! Take the charred pieces and chopped them up to add to the Q and baked beans.

Once you have “Cleaned” the Q with a fork and put it in the crock pot, for one butt add two cups of JBBQ sauce, cover and let sit in the very well sealed crock pot for 1-2 hours. Then serve.

I serve JBBQ with homemade Baugh Slaw which is made with pineapples and fresh cut granny smith apples. The smoked apples that were smoked with the pork are used to make my “Baughpple” casserole.

Without a doubt, this will be the best Q you ever had. It is the most tender, juicy flavorful Q and does not have any fat or gristle like you would find in some chopped Carolina Q.

NOTE: The bacon that was smoked on top of the roast, is cut and put in the burnt end baked beans

Give it a try, and remember  JBBQ make the best filling for Tex Mex dishes you will ever have.

You can read all about the hilarious story of how I got into the BBQ Business in my latest book “AFTERMATH”. All other recipes will be featured in my next cookbook\novel, “COOKED” the stories behind the recipes.
JBBQ with "Baugh Slaw" & "Baughpple Smoked Casserole"

Now, the JBBQ secret recipe is out!

"Happy Ending"

NOW!!! If you don't think you will get "lucky" with this recipe, well.... I met this "Hottie" at Jim's Bar B Q. All I can say is we were married two years later in Cedar Key Fl. I say it's because of the Q, ....she says it was the wine.

Donna "Ms.11" and Jim Married at the Low Key Hideaway pier and Tiki bar August 2014
Cedar Key Florida

Also check out Jims Double Barrel JBBQ Recipe Below
(Beef Ribs and Pork Shoulder)
So big thanks to JBBQ Restaurant at Victorian Station (Chris & Karen), without it I would have never met my beautiful wife, "Ms 11" who is an "11" in every way possible. Love you very much Donna, you are the best!
Chow and Godspeed.

Jim Baugh
author of

Jim's BBQ at Victorian Station Review on Trip advisor, 5 stars
"The smoker is right next to the parking lot. If you weren’t thinking about barbecue before, you definitely start thinking about it when you open your car door. We went on Thursday, which is open mike night. We got a table for two upstairs so we could see and listen without being right in front of the speakers. We ordered the barbecue for two: dry-rub ribs, pulled pork, brisket, beans, slaw, cornbread, two kinds of sauce. All of it was super Smokey and tender. This is the only time I have ever had dry-rub ribs that I thought were any good. It was so much food, we literally could have fed our entire family of four and had left overs. There are other things on the menu other than barbecue, but I honestly can’t remember. Yes, the aroma was that compelling."


Hampton, Virginia

Visited February 2013

5 of 5 stars Value
5 of 5 stars Atmosphere

5 of 5 stars Service

5 of 5 stars Food
Dining at upstairs loft Bar

 Customer Comments

“I just had the best BBQ I have ever tasted in my life. I have had BBQ from FL to MD and across to TX. Jim you are doing it right!!!!!! It was great meeting you and Ruthie Red, Austin is still talking about the rootbeer float. The Wampler group was great, if you weren't there man you missed it……No love on the rockfish, but next time we come in I have got a whopper of a story for you, involves pulling a blow boat off the bar at salt ponds, even have some video. Tell Ruthie I am trying to get ahold of the stone castle. thanks again” ~Chris Ball
JBBQ private dining at Victorian Station with fireplace and separate entrance

” Tonight I was in Poquoson, and stopped in Ute’s to get Drew one of those cool Galileo Thermometers. On the way out a night gentleman stopped me to make sure my shopping had gone well, and see if I knew about Victoria Station. I said of course I do. He starts to go now do you know about our new addition? I said OH you mean Jim and his BBQ? Yup sure do :)”~ Autom Barnes.

” had great time great food and great music”. ~Donnie Hicks
“It is a great time and a great place. Good BBQ, music, and beer…what’s not to like? ~Wayne Bradby 
” I had the best time…I will visit frequently ….everyone…the food is amazing” ~Andrea Nennally
“Awesome bbq, wish we had you back here in pa!!” ~Ealanie Moltzn
 “”As good or even better than Napoleons or Central Grocery The olive salad is fantastic and the home made sourdough bread is awesome” ~Charlene Clark
“Oh WOW!!!! Jim’s Smoked Bar-B-Que is off the hook good!! Words can’t describe Baugh’s beans, and the coleslaw, out of this world!!!!!”~ Eva Winters
“I’ve had everything Jim makes. I’ve also had everything Famous Dave’s makes. Famous Dave’s should be ashamed to call themselves a BBQ restaurant. Jim smoke real que, not that faux que like Famous Dave’s!” ~Vaugh Deel

“I stopped by to see my friend Jim Baugh at his eclectic barbecue place in Victorian Station on Mallory St., Hampton, one mile off i-64 Mallory St. Exit. What a totally cool place. I’ve never seen anything like it. Wow! It’s in an old Victorian house. Upstairs with the cozy slanted ceilings of an old Victorian style house. Upstairs you can look over a balcony and see the entertainment performing below. This place is definitely worth checking out and any drive it takes to get there. I’ve been a lot of places in my life. But, none as unique special in “feel,” cozy, and warm than Jim’s place at Victorian Station in Hampton. The food is awesome, the atmosphere is awesome and you won’t find a more entertaining host than Jim Baugh.
Casey Baugh JBBQ Kitchen Mgr.
I strongly recommend this place to anyone. Great place to take a date even all the way from Virginia Beach to Richmond. In my opinion there is no other place in Hampton Roads that touches this place in Jim’s offerings at Victorian Station.

I think if you go there you’ll find yourself just as “Wow!” in it’s unique offerings and overall experience as I have. ~David Carter

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Read all about JBBQ in

Piano Concert at Jim's BBQ Victorian Station
Left, Tortuga, right JB having some tea in front of JBBQ Phoebus VA
Left to right, Kurt and wife Jan, CB, Debbie, Donna, and Eva at JBBQ Upstairs Bar
Happy ladies night customers