Jims Galley

Jims Galley

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Jose Wejebe's Chicken with Calamata Olives.

Here is a contributing recipe that your family has got to try! And enjoy while watching the Spanish Fly!

(Recipe handed down from Jose's mom)
Here it is: Marinade some chicken thighs in a mix of Marsala cooking wine, olive oil and italian salad dressing for about 2 hours. Then slice potatoes and layer the bottom of a cooking pan, next slice onions and put on top of potatoes. Arrange chicken on top adding only a tiny bit of marinade. Set the rest of the marinade aside and dice about six cloves of garlic and add to the marinade. 

Next is to slice calamata olives and barage on top of chicken thighs. Cook at 385 and in 20 min put a spoonfull on each Thigh. Enjoy!!
NOTE: Jose Wejebe is host of the popular Spansih Fly Television Program. You can find out the latest info on Jose and his show info by logging on to his site at http://www.spanishflytv.com/ We appreciate his recipe contrubition! Thanks Jose! JB

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