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Jims Galley

Friday, November 28, 2014

Easy weight loss with King Kale Super Food Super Sex Shake. Lose weight fast and have a great time while juicing your way to thinness.

Ok, for all you folks that would like to drop a few pounds the easy way I have a solution. This is not a diet I read about or saw on tv, it simply is the easiest way I have ever lost weight and came by this health plan mostly by accident and some trial and error. The thing is this works so good and it is so easy no one really believes me when I tell them how good this works.

If you want to know how effective this meal plan is here is the deal. I went from a size 48 to a 40 in a little over two months. (over 20 pounds). I have not stopped either, this meal plan is so nutritious, delicious, easy and cheap, I really don’t crave anything else.

Besides being an incredibly healthy meal plan that will reduce high blood pressure, lessen your chance of diabetes and arthritis, there is another side benefit that may surprise you. My King Kale Super Food shake is basically natures Viagra. No kidding.

The BIGGEST problem with this replacement meal plan that I cannot fix is this. The ingredients sound AWFUL!!! No one will believe that this super food shake actually taste good. Actually, it taste great and I look forward to them everyday.

All you have to do is do two of these blended shakes a day and have a regular meal for dinner, preferably one high in amino acids (lean steak, chicken, or fish) and low in carbs.

This diet consist of three main things.

1)      Jim’s King Kale Super Food Super Sex Shake two times a day.
2)      Counting calories
3)      Exercise

A couple of months ago my wife Donna (who really does not need to loose any weight) and I did some canned replacement meal drinks. They were ok and I had used them before once in a while. Donna then got the same thing but in powder form and blended them in the blender and the taste was much better. She then suggested maybe to put some spinach in and blend that in as well.

BARF BARF BARF! No thanks. I thought I would skip that. However a few days later on a whim I tried it. Loaded up the blender with a handful of spinach and even threw in a half of a banana and a quarter of an avocado. Blended away and it tasted just great. For an additional flavor profile I then would add some dry roasted peanuts, only about 10.

Now we are kicking!!! This thing taste great and after a couple of weeks, the pounds start shedding off.

Well, my beautiful wife is at the store and in an effort to save money, she notices that the big bag of Kale is almost twice the volume as the bag of spinach and cost half as much. Hmmmmm. Twice as much product, at half the cost? So she mentions to me about replacing the spinach in our super shake with Kale.

BARF BARF BARF BARF!!! I HATE Kale!!! It is the WORST most nasty crap you could ever put in your mouth and there is not a snow birds chance in hell I am going to put that green nasty leafy garbage in my Super Shake!! NO FREAKIN WAY!!

Of course I am saying this realizing that in my 53 years of life, I had never ONCE ever eaten or even tried Kale. I truly had no idea what it tasted like, but I did NOT want to find out.

Ok, about a week passes and I am at the store. There is that big bag of Kale sitting next to the spinach and my curiosity starts to get the better of me. So along with my bag of spinach I pick up a bag of Kale and head home to try one for lunch.

I load up the blender with my King Kale Super Shake ingredients stuffing as much Kale as I could into the blender.

BRRRRRRRRR BRRRRRR BRRRRRR It is ready! I take a sip of what I thought I would throw out and to my surprise the darn thing tasted fantastic. The best way to describe it is it is sort of like a chocolate mint milk shake. It is green, a little nutty flavor from the peanuts and just a wonderfully rich flavorful delicious shake. It was so good, I skipped dinner and had another one.

Now the next morning I hurry down to the kitchen because I really like theses things and I whip up another tasty Super Shake. Once I sit down and start savoring my liquid Kale something starts to happen. I start to feel like I am 17 years old and popped five Viagra. Someone hand me a baseball bat and put this thing out of it's misery! What da hell!

This is all true and immediately again my curiosity got the best of me. I start researching Kale and come to find it is a Super Food and it is one of the BEST foods you could ever eat for your sex life. I won’t get into all that with this post but you’re free to look to up online.

So the Kale, spinach combination along with the banana, nuts, and avocado really is a magic combination. I have never felt this good in my life and one thing is for sure, NEVER have I consumed so many leafy vegetables.

The old saying eat your vegetables and leave the table a little hungry is a good motto, The King Kale shake is probably the easiest way to get a ton of great vegetables into our diet without the bother of even cooking them!

Counting calories is easy with this meal plan because the calories for your two meals a day are set. Depending on what type of protein powder you use the large shake will range between 225 to 300 calories.

Exercise is key as we all know not just for dieting but for overall health. Here is what some people don’t realize. Exercise subtracts your calorie intake for the day. If you have 2000 calories in a day and you burned 1000 calories biking for a couple of hours, your back down to 1000 calories for the day. The math is pretty simple, just google the calorie burn for the exercise that you like to do and factor that into our calorie count for the day. Its simple!!

Calorie counts for people will vary. Find out your metab rate and how many calories you need to maintain your current weight. Then simply don’t consume that many calories. Cutting the count in half is not that hard to do especially if you are exercising.

So, if you want to loose weight and have the effect of popping Viagra make this shake and have it twice a day. Here is what you will need, all cheap and available at any store.

*Protein Powder: Usually available in Chocolate of Vanilla. Use one that has between 15 and 25 grams of protein per serving. (use one serving)

*8 Almonds

*8 Dry roasted unsalted peanuts

*3 Handfuls of Kale

*1 Handful of spinach

*1 half banana

*1 quarter avocado

*1 cup of one percent milk

*5 or so ice cubes

*Fresh Mint (optional)

Blend it up!! Pour in a tall glass.

That’s it! Delicious, very nutritious, great side benefits and the pounds will melt off.

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Just get over the idea that raw liquid Kale cant taste very good. It does!!!

Lastly “KING KALE” is the name my wife gave me as a nickname. I have an apron from the King Arthur Flour Company and now she calls me King Kale.

Other benefits, I don’t waste time cooking veggies for dinner, after about 10 cups of kale and spinach (mix) I get more veggies than I need in a day. This makes cooking dinner a snap. Also, you still get to eat what you want for dinner. If you stay with less carbs it will help in the weight loss. When we make pasta we always use whole wheat and when I make bread I use a multigrain flour that I mix up.

Well, if you want to drop some pounds and have a lot of fun while doing it, this is the diet for you!!

Works for me!



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