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Jims Galley

Monday, December 15, 2014

The Best Taquito Recipe by JB

Mexican, always a fav of mine!! First off the filling can be varied a hundred different was. Always best is to slow cook some seasoned pork shoulder or butt with onion, cumin, garlic, black pepper, crushed red pepper and salt. This can even be done in a crock pot and it is fantastic. Also of course you can use a pot roast and crock pot it, using all your favorite Mexican seasoning, just do everything low, slow, and at least overnight.

Fillings can also include seafood like shrimp or meaty fish like Rockfish or Red Fish. Lobster is also good and imitation sea legs are not a bad substitute for this dish. My favorite is to prepare a combination of surf and turf Taquito’s, that is sure to bring smiles from everyone.

Veggie Taquitos are also wonderful! Bean and cheese is great as well as seasoned jalapeño. All good to use as filler.

Cheese? What ever you like. I like it all but have no problems with simple extra sharp cheddar. This has always been a favorite of mine as well as Monterey jack. Use what ever you like.

While the fillers can range greatly depending on what your preference is, there some basic instructions that are going to be the same regardless of the filling. Here is a quick, “Must Do” in Taquito prep.

Fresh Veggies: Fresh spring onion and romaine lettuce for plating, & cilantro.

Tortilla: CORN ONLY! Never Flour. Yellow corn if you can find it, white is ok as well.

Cilantro Salsa: You can look this up and vary how you like. However my main ingredients are canned tomatoes then hand crush, fresh garlic, garlic powder, crushed red pepper, one bunch of fresh cut cilantro, cut spring onions, black pepper, sea salt, soy oil, red wine vinegar, chopped jalapeño, water, chopped parsley and tomato sauce.

Oil: fresh canola or canola olive oil mix.

You will also need a cast iron skillet, cumin, sheet pan, tongs, what ever cheese you like, tooth pics, and paper towels.


Here I will do my fav and most simple, ground beef tortilla, but use what ever you would like for a filling. Beef, pork, seafood, veggies or anycombination is all good. Just one thing, prepare your filling in advance and set aside on warm heat. You can even make the day ahead if you like, just make sure all fillings are finished before moving forward. I have a three crock pot server and will make the fillings early in the day then prep time is very quick once dinner time comes.

For my ground beef I use a basic asada seasoning I make, garlic pepper, cumin and salt, all equal parts. Brown off the ground beef then add the seasoning as well as some water. Then I add one cup of cilantro salsa to the mix, then set aside in a warming crock pot. The longer it sits the better.

The bottom line here is to pre cook all fillings and set aside.
Here is a BIG trick! What you do is take the corn tortillas and place them in the hot oil in the skillet for only about 15 seconds on each side, drain and set aside on a sheet pan. Then let cool, and you will be ready to stuff them prior to frying them. This also makes the tortillas SUPER crunchy once finished.

Stuff your tortillas with your pre-prepared filling and add a little of your favorite cheese. Do NOT over stuff the tortilla and push the filling from both ends about 1\2 inch towards the inside. Then roll the tortilla gently and insert a tooth pic on both ends sealing the tortilla shell. This does work very well and keeps the filling from escaping during te next stage of frying.

Place taquitos in medium high oil in your cast iron skillet. It will not take long to cook both sides. Cook until golden brown then set aside to drain.

Plate with a side of slow cooked black beans. Also plate with fresh cilantro and more cut spring onions. I use lettuce as a bed for the taquitos. Sides also can include sour cream and of course more cilantro salsa.

Serve hot and fresh. Truly a delicious dish that is super festive and fun. It is my wife Donna’s favorite Mexican, she loves it and she s not a huge Mexican food fan like me,  guess it’s the German Italian in her I guess. But she LOVES this dish. It is one of those break out dishes for the weekend or if you really want to surprise your dinner guest with something super fun and wildly tasty.

Tight lines, good reads, and Godspeed!

Jim Baugh

Just to good for words!!

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