Jims Galley

Jims Galley

Friday, October 15, 2010

Jims Seafood Skillet l!

You will need:

Fresh Flounder
Fresh Lemons
Fresh Large Shrimp
Fresh Large Scallops
Homemade Chicken or Turkey stock or both
Wild Rice
Fresh Herbs, Garlic, Bay, Chives, Parsley, Rosemary
Cajun kickin Seasoning-Your fav.
White wine.
Honey Butter (home made)

First, you will need the smaller individual cast iron skillet. I bought mine at Wall Mart. Cook your rice 3\4 the way using stock instead of water. I have used lobster and crab stock and that is good as well.

Then, using a small cup, round off the cup with rice and place in the middle of each skillet. Next, place a thick Flounder filet on top of the Flounder. Then surround the pile of fish with scallops and shrimp.

Season with your herbs and very light on the Cajun seasoning, just a little for a kick. Add your honey butter pats around the skillet as well as your garlic. You can pre roast your garlic, I have done this and adds a nice flavor.

Lastly, pour 1 cup of wine into the skillet, then cook the skillet in the oven for about 30 minutes at 350. Then broil off the last two minutes.

Easy seafood platter, fast to do, and really, really good!
Jim Baugh

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