Jims Galley

Jims Galley

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wahoo--It's whats for dinner!

There are many species of fish that are among my favorites for the Galley. Right up on the top of the list is Wahoo! Yes, I even like it better, much better than Tuna. For those of you that have never tried fresh Hoo, the next time you are at the fish market ask for it. You will have more luck around the Outer Banks than around my home state. Once in a blue moon I can find it here, usually we will just try to catch some and boy is THAT exciting!

This is an easy dish to prepare. First up I made a sour dough dinner loaf by using one cup of my starter and proofed it over night. The next day added one cup of whole wheat and three cups of KAF bread flour. One-teaspoon olive oil and one teaspoon of sea salt also went into the mix. I used another cup to thicken up the dough at the end of the knead.

I let the bread rise only for about four hours then punched it down and then let it rise in the bread pans. Baked the two loafs at 400 for around 40 min, they really came out nice. One of the better loafs of bread I have made and went very good with the grilled Hoo and salad. To tell the truth, I got lucky with my starter, it really makes for some AWESOME baking. Hopefully I can keep this sucker alive forever, pass down to my grandchildren.

Marinating the fish is easy, I just used some melted garlic butter with a little Cajun seasoning, sea salt, and fresh cracked pepper. Also baste the fish with a little white wine and butter mix while grilling. I also grilled the fish off with some chives from my herb garden.

Served the dish up with a side of salad, slice of fresh sour dough multigrain bread and several glasses of wine.

Awesome dinner.
Try It!!
Jim Baugh

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