Jims Galley

Jims Galley

Friday, January 7, 2011

Rockfish Shootout Chowder 2011

The Mid Atlantic Rockfish Shootout Tourney is probably the largest Rockfish Tourney in the world. This year the tourney had the pleasure of having Johnny Morris of Bass Pro and Bill Dance along with some 130 teams competing for what was over $150,000 in prize money! -Thats, CASH Money!

Today at the weigh in the event was hosting an awesome Rockfish Chowder soup for everyone there. I of course grabbed up a dish and tried some, it was wonderfull. Thank you Mike Standing and the Watermans Rrestaurant. I had a couple of bowls and tried my best to disect the recipe and I think I am pretty close. For the most part it is a Manhattan style chowder, and this one was done very well with LOADS of awesome Rockfish chunks.
Here is the run down.

Fresh Rockfish fillets, very meaty cuts, and LOTS!!
Canned tomatoes
Sea Salt and pepper
Bay Leaf
Tomato Paste
Chunky Carrots
Seafood stock or you could use good clam juice.
Olive oil
**The key to this soup is a LOT of very meaty FRESH Rockfish.

All cooked up very hot and served with Oyster crackers Tabasco and Texas Pete!!! Awesome! Try It!

Mid Atlantic Rockfish Shootout 2011 Second Day, of three day event

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