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Jims Galley

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Restaurant Report "Chesapeake Grill" Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel Five thumbs up.

Restaurant Report  “Chesapeake Grill” Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel

I have no idea why as many times as I have crossed the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel that I never thought to stop in and check out the restaurant. For some reason a conversation came up where this place was mentioned and like a light bulb turning on I thought, “Gee, I bet you could get a good fish sandwich there”. I mean really, if you cant get fresh fish dining over the Chesapeake Bay some 10 miles out over the water, then where else are you going to get it.

I still figured that this was going to be frozen food service product like you get at most restaurants. I was wrong.

I can be such an airhead. Parked my car, walked in to this place which up front looks like a gift shop with a little bar in back where you can order a limited menu, of which I did not see any fish sandwich.

I ask the lady behind this little counter if they had a fish sandwich on the menu. Fact is, this is all about I was expecting, a small food counter to order, small selection, and mostly to go. The lady said,

“Well, if you don’t find what you like here, why don’t you try our full service waterside dining experience?” I said,

“I thought this was it!”

“No sir, just walk down this isle and take a left, a waitress will be right with you”

OK!!! Now I got my game on, getting pretty excited here. WALLLA!!!

“Hi there mam, and sure I would love this table right by the window. Fantastic!!! I see one of my buddies fishing the rock piles, also a great view of a nuclear submarine heading up the bay, and a great view of a massive approaching storm moving eastwardly. Better call the girlfriend and tell her the Eastern Shore is about an hour away from building an ark!”

I sat down, and had excellent service from the waitress who was very attentive. Large selection of beer, I don’t drink beer really but had to have a Legend Brown Ale, just had to. The menu was fairly large and well laid out. It was explained to me that the fish was fresh local Flounder caught commercially and all the seafood, Oysters, Clams, everything was fresh.

Very pleased with what was brought out for me, a free cup of vegetable lentil soup that was awarded to me because of a free coupon I got when I purchased my CBBT Toll Ticket. The soup was excellent. I also tried the she crab soup and it was with out a doubt fresh crabmeat. I could tell is was all backfin lump, and not frozen. GREAT STUFF. Of course it needed more sherry, but I always like extra sherry with bisque.
The main course for lunch was beer battered flounder. I usually go for a lighter breading, but was curious to see how they would prepare this. It was fantastic!! FRESH FLOUNDER!!! Totally awesome. The tarter sauce was great as well as the slaw. Fries good to!

The atmosphere and view is really awesome and I was totally impressed with how good the service was. These people are on top of their game and really do a terrific job!!

So I will say this, even if you don’t need to cross the bridge tunnel, going to this restaurant is worth the toll and the trip. A truly great experience and I for sure will be back. Yall check it out and tell me what you think. I would give this place five stars and look forward to going back.

Jim Baugh

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