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Jims Galley

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

London Broil with Shroom and Onion Gravy

Jim’s London Broil with Shroom and onion gravy.

Here is on of my favorites that is also going to be featured in my next novel COOKED. Great dish, easy fast to make, and inexpensive. Very healthy to!!

London Broil
One large onion
Your fav sliced fresh mushrooms
2 cups white ine
Two packs brown dry gravy mix
Cracked pepper and Sea salt to taste
Jasmine Rice
1\2 stick butter
Montreal Seasoning
Two cloves crushed fresh garlic
1\2 cup sesame oil

First to prepare the meat. Coat with Montreal seasoning, pepper and salt. Both sides and also take a fork and stab the meat throughout to help aide the marinating process. Add two teaspoons of white wine to the meat and drizzle some sesame oil over the meat. Place in fridge overnight.

In a large skillet, (cast iron the best) melt one stick of butter on medium heat. Place the London broil in the skillet and braise both sides. Maybe two or three minutes cooking time for each side. Remove and set aside on a large cutting board.

Take a sharp knife and cut very thin slices of meat and place in a large backing pan. Once all meat is cut, drain the drippings from the sauté pan on top of the meat and drizzle with sesame oil. The meat should sort look almost like sushi tuna. (Very red and only braised on the outside of the meat.

Bake in oven at 350 for only about five to ten minutes then finish it off under the broiler for maybe 30 seconds. You want to be careful and NOT TO OVER COOK THE LONDON BROIL!!! It should still be fairly red when it comes out of the oven.

Mushroom Gravey:

This is simple. Melt butter in pan add wine and lot of cracked pepper. Toss in your brown packet gravy and add your water and some pan drippings. Add sliced onion and mushrooms and cook until nice and tender. Once sauce is thick, simmer on low. Very easy sauce to make however people will think you slaved for hours in the kitchen preparing it.

I served this with a side of Jasmine rice and it was just awesome. Typically I will use wild rice however I prefer the Jasmine. But what ever is your fav rice just use that.

This is an inexpensive dish to make and one of the best things is the LEFTOVERS!! You will never have a better steak sandwich than one made with the London Broil. Extremely good!!!!

Jim Baugh

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