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Jims Galley

Monday, November 15, 2010

Three Pepper Shrimp Sauce Sea Bass Recipe

Three pepper Shrimp suace with Sea Bass
A little History about this recipe: JBO TV some 20 years ago featured Myrtle Beach SC as a fishing \ tourist destination. One of the restaurants we filmed was Sunnyside Seafood restaurant in Murrells Inlet SC, the owner was Bubby Vereen. We set our cooking set up in this HUGE house on the beach and had Bubby over for the filming. He featured one of his favorite dishes, three pepper Shrimp sauce served with Sea Bass. This was one of his favorite recipe specials he liked to serve at his restaurant, This is just one of the best dishes I have ever had. It just has everything and the taste is unreal.

We have since featured this recipe on our show three times, includeing  West Palm Beach at Wayne Bakers on the ocean front. This was during the Miami International boat show and Wayne and I had gotten a little to much into the wine, and we rolled camera. We could hardly stand up much less speak. It took a lot of takes to get threw that filming for sure. Also, we have published this recipe in several magazine columns.
Atlantic Black Sea Bass
I have other stories about this recipe, but nothing we can print. It is one of the best recipes you will ever try.
Unfortunately Bubby is no longer there,  but his legacy is strong with this dish. GO BUBBY!!!
Here it is.
Chop one red, green, and yellow pepper, five spring onions, mushrooms, one stalk celery, one tomato's, peel and de-vein one pound of large Tiger shrimp, and have two cups of white wine and one cup of whipping cream nearby as well as half a stick of butter.

In a saucepan, lightly fry the Sea Bass filets, set aside and keep warm.

Then, in a deep pan, pan sear some chopped garlic with the butter, when done add the wine. then add all the vegetables and cook for 5-10 minutes until veggies are done. Add cream, and fresh lemon, if the sauce needs a little thickening, which it will for sure, use some corn starch or flour. Corn starch is my preff, mix with a little water, no lumps, works great!
Add shrimp last to the sauce. Season with a little cajun spice, parsley, garlic powder, fresh cracked pepper and Sea Salt to taste. I dont like a heavy salt flavor at all, in anything really, but this sauce will need a little salt kick, just not to much.

 Let stand for 5 min, and pour over the cooked Sea Bass filets. Or, if you want your fish to stay more crunchy, lay the fish on top of the sauce and garnish.
You will love it!!!!

(Credit to Bubby Vereen from Myrles Inlet SC for showing me this one many years ago, thanks Bub.)

Jim Baugh

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  1. DEEEVINE!!!!! This is one of the best recipes ever. If you don't have black sea bass the chilean variety will do just fine. BON APPETIT!!!