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Jims Galley

Monday, November 29, 2010

Turkey Pizza, Grilled - Deep fried with Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce .

I am not sure if this has been done before, but it sure was a new one for us!! This Thanksgiving I was in charge of Saturday night Pizza night and made some traditional pies, however came up with one pie that was a good way to use some delicious Leftovers. Deep Fried grilled Turkey Pizza!

First up, you need some good deep fried Turkey. We deep fried two birds and had plenty for leftovers. The birds were rubbed down with a Cajun spice and fried for 45 minutes. We sliced the turkey for the Pizza very thin and made sure there was no bone or gristle, fat, etc. Just pure lean white meat from the breast.

Sauce- for the sauce I decided on a nice brown mushroom gravy, this was a good choice for sure. Certainly worked well with the Turkey and Oyster Stuffing.

Dough- I made my standard King Arthur Neo-NY Pizza dough that did take three days to make. I used KAF High Gluten, Bread, and Whole Wheat Flour. It is a slack dough, high moisture content that has a long fermentation and is made with our wild sour dough starter.

Oyster Stuffing and Bacon
For toppings I used some fresh oyster stuffing balls \ chunks from our Turkey Dinner and also cooked up some bacon and cut up in small pieces. We then took a bunch of spring onions chopped them up and used them to put on top of our cheese, which was mostly fresh shredded Asiago and Parm. (No Motz)
Chipotle Peppers

Slice of Turkey Pizza
 At the last minute we came up with the idea since this pie did not have a lot of “Zing” was to add Chipotle Peppers that were packed in a Adobo sauce. This was a great idea and tasted good, however it did spice up the pie probably more than we intended. The peppers were the last to go on so for those that did not want the spice, it was easy to take off.

We grilled up the pie on our Pizza stone and the finished Turkey Pie was really pretty good. Next time I will probably tone down the pepper spice a little bit by pre cooking them. But all in all, a good tasting pie that was a lot of fun and everybody enjoyed it.

Good Turkey Pie!
Turkey Pizza cooking on the grill with Apple wood smoke
For sure, this is a fun way to do leftovers and is something your guest will always remember, a delicious fun way to wrap up Thanksgiving.

Pizza Disaster 101.
(_ _ it happens)

Old JB here does not go to long in the Pizza making world before a disaster sets in. Usually in the way of a sticking Peel or a grill \ oven that is too cold. In this case, both.

My dough for this dinner did not have the strength it usually does so a hole in the dough during prep was accruing more than I liked, and I usually rarely have this problem. The other was a COLD grill. Something was wrong with the grill and we could not get the temp as near as high as I needed. The temp we could get was around 300 degrees, or less. This is a disaster considering the dough recipe I use is a very high hydration dough intended for high heat ovens, 700 degrees plus.

The other issue, my Pizza stone broke in half. This is now the second time I have broken a Pizza stone while traveling to make pies. I think I have learned that doing these type of Pizzas, it is not something that can be done easily on the road. There are just to many factors that can affect the entire process. Elevation, cooking temps \ grills, and pizza stones don’t hold up to travel very well.

So the pies were very hard to work with however I got threw it, they did taste great, and everyone had a great time.

When life hands you lemons, make an inverted Calzone!

The problem with a low heat grill and a high hydration dough is that the dough does not seal very quickly. It really took a long time for the dough to cook so any early handling while on the grill like rotating the pie, will cause the dough to break. Which happened on my last pie. SO!!! Time for the inverted grilled Calzone!!! Flipped over the dough, added a lot of fresh Motz on top along with San Marzano Sauce, some toppings, and a Calzone mountain is born!

Believe it or not, this mess was delicious. It was our last “Pie” for the evening and it was really good. It was not Pizza, more like a mound of stuff that tasted great. It reminded me of what a baked Alaska would be Pizza style. It was a fun recovery.


Uncle Bill and Aunt Jayne really put on the best spread for any holiday I have ever seen. The top of the list was Bill’s smoked tenderloin and Jayne’s corn pudding. AWESOME!! Thanks guys, Casey and I really enjoyed it a lot and look forward to seeing you folks again soon. Thanks again!


Jim Baugh

One of our traditional pies made also on Saturday.

Sliced Deep Fried Turkey

Barbara, Richard, Casey, Jayne, Page, and Uncle Bill
(We missed ya Ben, Ruthie, Pete an Clairece, and Otilea)

JB had fun with the electric knife

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