Jims Galley

Jims Galley

Friday, January 21, 2011

Steak um Up!!! Sandwich Time!!

Serve with side of steamed Shrimp

There are a ton of ways to cook up a steak sandwich, and mine is not all that different than what you would find in Philly. It is all good! Great thing about fixing this dish is that it taste fantastic, is cheap, and is just to easy to make.

The traditional meat used in a Philly is Rib Eye, which is just great. If you use Rib Eye a simple trick to slicing it super thin is to partially freeze the meat and then slice. This does work well, or if you have a slicer use that, or, just get your butcher to have a wack at it.

MEAT-I like to use what ever is on sale at the local grocer. Usually I will get a London Broil or a Flank steak.

A simple marinade for the steak is Italian dressing and Worcestershire sauce. I also add a little Jerk seasoning. You can marinade with what ever you like.

Next, grill both side of the steak and cook to a medium rare and take off the heat. Let rest in a bath of beef stock, then slice VERY thin with a knife, set aside.

VEGGIES- Simple one. Onions Peppers and Schrooms pan sear with a little red wine vinegar, pepper and sea salt. If you have some fresh oregano, use that as well. Caramelize the veggies and set aside.

CHEESE- Cheese wiz is fine, however I like a combination of Swiss and Extra Sharp Cheddar. Slice and get ready to prepare the loaf.

Baugh's Baguette
 BREAD- Just use our Baugh’s Baguette’s recipe CLICK HERE.

First-Meat on Bread
  TO PREPARE- Preheat oven to 375. Take your Baguette and slice open. Dig out some of the bread inside to make room for a pile of beef!

Second-Veggies on meeat
Third-Layon the Cheese then Bake
First place your sliced beef on the loaf, then the peppers, then the cheese on both sides of the bread. Salt and pepper and place in the oven.

Cook until Cheese is nice and bubbly
Bake until cheese in melted and bubbly. You can add lettuce tomato, and May if you like, or just serve as is.

Now that was pretty easy now wasn’t it! We like to take the entire Baguette and fill um up, then slice into small pieces for game day appetizers. Goes great with wings and shrimp!

Steak um up!!
Jim B

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