Jims Galley

Jims Galley

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Cajun Crawfish Chesapeake Bay Crab Boil with Captain Jack Normand Jim Baugh Outdoors TV

This recipe is quite different than most boil in that both the crawfish and crabs are par boiled and seasoned first before they are added to the main boil. This is a great trick and certainly adds a lot more flavor to this dish.

This recipe can be varied up a bit as well. Some jumbo scallops and fresh clams would also finish off this dish nice. The key is everything has to be fresh and Captain Jack made it as fresh as it could be.
The crawfish were flown in overnight and the crabs were caught by Captain Jack on the ocean side near Wachapreague Virginia.
Try this dish at home, you will be glad you did!! Many thanks to Captain Jack and Mrs. Doris for putting on such a great show and serving up the best boil imaginable.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Smashburgers at home

Great burgers are all the rage thanks to Smashburger, In & Out, Fuddruckers, and the list goes on and on. Here is a simple and great way to do smashburgers at home. One of the big keys is have everything fresh, everything.
First up get some fresh ground angus 80/20 and you can season with just salt and pepper. However my fav is to use a little garlic powder and some Montreal steak seasoning.
Ball the ground beef loosely into a meatball, cover and refrigerate until it is time to cook. These burgers cook fast so be sure to have everything pre prepped

“Animal Style” is off the secret menu at In & out Burger and it is a nice trick. Simply take yellow mustard and cook it on the burger. I like to put it under the cheese, it makes a lot less mess and melds with the cheese perfectly. Also some sautéed onions. I use red onions with a bourbon BBQ sauce it is really does a good job. Delicious.

Either make or buy fresh buns, I use onion buns and it is fantastic.

I use a cast iron skillet for the burgers, heat up to medium high.

Now for the smashing!!

This technique is very effective because what it does is sear one side of the patty with a nice caramelization and helps to maintain the juice and flavor. It really does work

BBQ Bourbon onions
Put your meat balls onto a piece of parchment paper and then place it in the skillet meatball side down. Then very quickly use the bottom of a small pan or skillet and smash the ball so it makes a nice uniform pattie. HOLD THE PAN DOWN FOR 10 to 20 seconds. Then remove the pan and parchment paper. Cook for only a couple of minutes, then flip and add the mustard, cheese, and onions.

Cook for another minute or so and you are done.

Always pre-sear your buns and keep them warm and have everything else ready to plate.

There are many ways to do burgers, Smashburgers may beone of the tastiest ways to go simply because this method retains most of the juice from the burger adding flavor.
How we stack it up!
Give it a try, it’s smashing! JB

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Mailbox time- A cut above the rest \ Bamboo Cutting Board

For 30 years we get all sorts of companies sending us different stuff to try out on Jim Baugh Outdoors TV. Everything from boats, cars, fishing rods, camera gear, computers, and now…a cutting board.
Believe it or not, I am pretty excited about this because I actually did need another cutting board. This one is unique because it is made of Bamboo. It is beautiful, lightweight, and very well made.
I oiled it everyday for the first week and now she is good to go. You can see the clever in one of the pics. That was given to me from Janson and brought back from China. It is hand made. Totally awesome! Well, I have been whacking away on the board and no cut marks at all. Pretty darn durable.
This board is a keeper. Just go to Amazon and they will ship it out to you. They also make a larger board but this is a great mid size one.


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