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Monday, December 19, 2016

You'll be "HOOKED" with our favorite 12 days of recipes for 12 days of Christmas!


Probably one of my favorite things about Christmas, besides of course celebrating Christ birthday and what it represents, is cooking up a fun feast for family and friends. The holidays have always meant to me a large mix of culinary delights and many of which are harvested during the fall and winter. The following is our updated top picks of “MUST” make dishes during Christmas and New Years. No doubt, everyone of these recipes has been truly tested and enjoyed for many, many years. All of them are “Can’t Miss” recipes. The top 12 list is in no particular order at all, they are all number one. These dishes also offer a great variety of table fare that will accommodate the most discriminating palate. If you are looking for a great Christmas company dish just pick out any of these, your family and friends will love you for it.

If you really enjoy these recipes, you can always say thank you buy buying us an appetizer here on Jim’s Galley. Tis the season!

Ok, here we go!!

1) JB's 5 Cheese Mac & Cheese Bomb
 The title says it all. Yes, if you are a lover of Mac & Cheese then this is the recipe for you. It is rather decadent, but, for once a year it may not kill you. Just increase work outs and diet starting Jan 1st.
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2) Baugh’s Baguettes
I don’t know what else I can say, everyone loves gourmet artisan home baked bread. It goes with everything over the holidays and fresh baguettes served with an olive oil dipping spice mix is a dinner within itself. You can always vary this recipe with your own blended flowers. These days I usually do a mix of half whole grain and half high glutton or bread flour. This recipe is also one of our top five most requested recipes of all time, it is a darn good one. Here ya go!
3) Sea Bass
This here in the Mid Atlantic is one of our favorite Holiday and Wintertime dishes. Fresh Sea Bass caught deep offshore is one of thhe tasetyest fish yu could ever pan fry. You won’t be disappointed with this one!

4) Cajun Injected Smoked Brined Turkey 
Cajun injected brined Turkey.
Well, nuff said. Just DO IT!! Also be sure to make some “Muff” sandwiches with some of those Turkey slices. WOW!! Now that is some leftovers!

5) Apple Wood Smoked Salmon with Asparagus
Salmon goes with just about any celebration. If you have not planked it up yet, make a point to this Christmas. A VERY good way to prepare Salmon and it is something your guest will not often have the pleasure of having. Cheers!

6) Jim Bo Lyia
Jim Bo Lyia is always a Christmas Fav and breaks up the traditional with a little spice. This recipe is from a buddy of mine who is a world renowned chef. This is a sure “Fire” recipe that every Holiday should enjoy. We Do!!

7) Linguine and clam sauce
Clams! Clams! Clams! A SUPER MUST during Christmas. Clams anyway and every way you can fix them Clams Casino is a fav and the recipe is also here on the Galley. This Linguine is a stable recipe that we prepare a lot and can also go as a side with man other main entrees. It is fantastic alongside a nice think Holiday steak!! Have fun with this one!

8) Oyster Stuffing Patties
Well, if you’re not going to have Oyster stuffing, then just call off the whole darn shootin match! This is a MUST HAVE HOLIDAY DISH!

9) Muffuletta
The key here is the oiva salad, it goes with everything. Make it a couple weeks before Christmas and enjoy it with everything. You don't have to use the authentic meat ingredients, the smoked Turkey your going to have on hand is awesome with this olive salad. What ever else you may do over the Holidas, make SURE you do this one. You will be sooooooo glad you did!

10) Jim's Chicago Deep Dish Extravaganza
Nothing better on a chilly Holiday evening to break up the smoke smell in the house from all that TUrke than a great deep dish pie. This is one of our top five requested recipes. A gooden!!

11) Steamed Lobster with Clams and Drawn Garlic Butter
 This one just needs no explanation at all. Just do it!

12) Jims Southern Ribs from JBBQ Restaurant
This is my recipe for the special ribs we sold at JBBQ restaurant at Victorian Station. We sold out nightly and people would stand in line for these things. Smoked ribs is an excellent meal for a holiday celebration and one that everyone will enjoy. Goes well with our Mac & Cheese recipe as well!

Merry Christmas From "Santa Jim"
1978 Regency Square Mall
Richmond VA



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