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Jims Galley

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Asian Mahi!

Grillin and Outdoor Livin with Jim Baugh
Reporting dockside

By Jim Baugh

Mahi Mahi also referred to as Dolphin, has long been one of my favorite all time fish to cook and catch. I had the pleasure of catching some out of Hampton this August offshore off of some Lobster pots. Made for a great catch and a great show. The Norfolk Canyon area is always a good place to hunt for Dolphin as well as Yellowfins.

Now, there are many ways to cook Dolphin, and I am not sure if there is a “Wrong” way. Weather it is grilled, blackened, fried, or even baked, it is always good. I had vacuum sealed some of the filets and froze them for some special occasions. Last month I went down to the Miami Boat Show and stayed with Wayne and Susan Baker for several days. Wayne has been shooting video with me on the show for about 15 years. I always enjoy heading down to West Palm to visit the Bakers. I have seen them so much, I think their cats are even now starting to like me! So, I wanted to bring down some of our fresh fish and loaded up the cooler with some fresh Sea Bass we had just caught, as well as these excellent Dolphin filets that I had packaged and frozen.

Once down in West Palm Beach, we hooked up with Wayne and Susan and started preparing our famous Three Pepper Shrimp sauce for the lightly fried Sea Bass, this was for the main course. But FIRST!!!! I hooked everyone up with my new Dolphin recipe- Sesame Asian fried Dolphin fingers! YUUUM! Great appetizer. Everyone loved it. This is a simple dish to prepare, and truly is fantastic. Here is how to make it.

First off, cut your Dolphin filets into finger sized filets. If the fish is to thick, cut it in half. Then LIGHTLY season the filets with some brown sugar and some light breader mix. Toss, and let stand in a bowl.
Buy one bottle of Asian Sesame salad dressing and pour about a cup of it into a sauce pan and melt one pad of butter into the sauce. Add several dashes of teriyaki and a dash of Worchester sauce. Keep the sauce warm on the stove until the Dolphin fingers are fried. Use a light vegetable oil for frying this dish, not Peanut oil.

Once the fish is cooked\fried, drain the filets on paper towels and place on a serving tray. Garnish the filets with fresh chopped tomatoes and parsley. Lastly dribble with a teaspoon the Sesame Asian sauce over the fish. Do not coat the fish with the sauce, just a light dribble over the fish.
This we served as an appetizer and it really was a smash! Try it, your gonna love this one!!
We will see ya on the water in Hampton VA, come catch some Dolphin with us this summer!

Bon Appetit ,
Jim Baugh
Jim Baugh Outdoors TV

Mahi Mahi and JB
Asian Sesame Dolphin

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