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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jim's Marathon Key BBQ Shrimp and Mango Shrimp

By Jim Baugh
(First printed in Virginia Lifestyle Magazinee)
Welcome everybody to our first column here in the Virginia Lifestyles Magazine! What we are going to be doing here is expanding a bit on what we already do on our nationally televised program, Jim Baugh Outdoors. For 19 years we have been producing outdoor programming highlighting most of the state of Virginia. For the past seven years, we have been fortunate to base our television program out of, one of if not the best harbor in the Chesapeake Bay.  On the Hampton River, we just have fantastic access to fishing the Chesapeake Bay, the James, and even offshore. Everything is accessible and on the river we have all the amenities a boater could ever want.
Now, since we began close to 20 years ago, we have always produced cooking segments on our program. To this day, the response from our cooking features continues to be fantastic. We have produced a cooking video, (soon to be re released on DVD) and we have a project in the works that includes recipes from the Chesapeake to the Mediterranean. This one I am very excited about.
Typically we will head out and shoot an episode of Jim Baugh Outdoors TV, then come back and cook up our catch, what ever we cook we produce a program feature that will air in our broadcast. For years,, we have also been featuring many of the finest restaurants in the greater mid Atlantic, including some of the fantastic hot spots to travel to by water in Hampton. One of our favorites is Surfriders located just across the river at Bluewater Marina, great place, and they make a crabcake that will make Maryland scared!!
Since our show features other things such as surf fishing, pier fishing, and believe it or not, Corvette Shows! Yes that is right. Jim Baugh Outdoors has it’s own award winning fully restored show Vette that we use for promotional appearances, car shows, etc. We also will cook up something special for those road trips, and let the folks sample our creations at the car event. We also annually do cooking and fishing seminars at the Hampton in water Boat Show. This is where our fans can see our Suzuki\Hampton Show Boat, and see what we are cookin up dockside! This is always a fun Boat show, one you don’t want to miss.
So for this column, we will not only be highlighting what we catch on our TV show, but we will include other recipes that we create while we are on the road. For this issue we are going to kick off one of my favorites that I came up with while I was on the old Trojan Tri Cabin in Hampton. I liked it so much that when I went to Key West and Marathon Key this winter, I fixed it up for my fishing buddy Barry Buchanon. Barry was down there for a month and wanted me to come down to do a little fishing and cookin. After my kids left to go back to college after the holidays, well, all I can say, I made it first down to the Miami International Boat Show to do some shooting for Suzuki, then it was off to Marathon Key and Key West. The Yellowtail bite was on, and I had some Shrimp to cook!
Here Is what you do- First off get some shrimp, go on and get the largest you can find, fresh is always best. For this dish I made in the Keys, I used jumbo Tiger shrimp, they were excellent!! Once you get your shrimp, peel and devain them. Sprinkle just a little Old Bay and garlic powder on all the shrimp. Then take some thick country bacon and pre grill (or in a pan) cook the bacon about 3\4 way done. You don’t want them so crispy that you can not wrap the shrimp.
Next take the shrimp and wrap the bacon totally around the shrimp, use a toothpick to secure the bacon. Now what you need to make is a aluminum foil boat to put the shrimp in, just make sure that the boat is water tight, this is very important!!!
Place all the shrimp into the foil boat and add one bottle of Barbecue sauce and several dashes of Jerk seasoning, some fresh cracked pepper, and some garlic. Then add at least one cup of white wine.
Preheat your grill to 350 degrees, and place the foil boat onto the grill and cook for about 20 minutes. Then for an additional 10 minutes, open up the top of the foil boat and let some of the sauce thicken a bit, this will not take long.
To serve, place in a dish and garnish with fresh Parsley. Now this recipe is so good, I have them talking about this one from Hampton to Marathon Key!!! It is fantastic!.
Mango Shrimp
Now some variations on this dish. I have also topped this shrimp dish off with a fresh mango salsa. I got this idea from Barry’s wife while in Marathon Key. She had made this fantastic Mango salsa that was to die for, so I figured, heck some of that baked on top would be good, and it WAS!!!! Betcie Thrift gave me a great suggestion while I was making this dish for the Hampton Boat show, which was also the same day as the Kentucky Derby.  She said to add two shots of Bourbon and some mint leaves. We tried it and it was just fantastic. We called this version, Kentucky Bourbon Shrimp. Let me tell ya, it was just awesome! It sure did not last long either at the show. The dish was almost devoured before we could even take a picture for the TV Show!
Some good tips to remember while preparing this dish. For one, we are using toothpicks here, so don’t puncture the side of the foil boat. Double line the boat with foil would be a good idea. (yes, that was speaking from experience). Also, don’t use a cheap cooking wine, if it is not good enough to drink, then don’t cook with it. I have also at times added a small amount of liquid hickory to add a bit of a smoke flavor to this dish. For you salt lovers out there, forget it, this dish with the Barbecue sauce has plenty of Sodium, extra salt is not needed. Like a lot of seafood dishes, I dont like heavy salt because it can hide the true flavor of what usually is a rather delicate tasting food to begin with.
If you really want to blow away your guest and serve up something that they will talk about for eons, this is the dish to do. Try it, you will love it.
For more recipes from the deep, just log onto www.jimbaugoutdoors.com
Bon Appetit and Bon Vioge!
Tight Lines,
Jim Baugh
Jim Baugh Outdoors TV

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